The nnovation workshop and the real graffiti community gathered 100 thousand big touch displays of

painted hand is a minimalist graffiti creation platform. Although everyone can draw two simple, but the platform is still gathered a lot of strong creative ability of the cattle. Around the works of these people, Tu hand is carrying out a series of images and derivatives development.

Su Su, founder of

, formerly known as Su Pengcheng, is a graduate of the Architecture Department of South China University of Technology. He grew up painting, graduated from the Department of architecture is still too far away from the general public, so the formation of a young 90 team, created the painted hand. read more

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Ten failed websites operating model

The most surprising thing about the

Internet bubble is the speed and amount of money burning. Crazy venture capitalists hold fling caution to the winds to millions of Internet start-ups, let them a lot of money, into the eye-catching marketing campaign, the marketing costs for millions of dollars for the unit. The new college graduates often become a millionaire overnight (paper wealth), then hurry to burn, the company business model to validate listed financing, stock prices are soaring. Of course, we all know what happened later. Only a few companies have earned enough money to live, and most companies have been brutally eliminated, and these history has taught us to grow. read more

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The six level network such as lakes and SEO do stop joking

networks such as rivers and lakes. Some people in the game; some people worldly-wise and play safe, overweeningly ambitious martial arts training, waiting for some day in the future blockbuster; some people fight battles in which nothing, hate not upside down; but the real master is always in the world, you can’t see him, has almost become a legend. If I am a novice, not qualified to talk about what what station level, "the two words in the title. Is written, you do not have to tell me seriously, but small hope to laugh enough. read more

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The difference between good and bad is a step forward

, Matt, Cutts, and Eric Enge went on to talk about the tool bait.

tool bait, widget bait, refers to writing a small program, like many blog sidebar, put on a very interesting small application tools, attract others on the blog, by the way, put a link inside.

(another day to detail a SEO using tool bait from success to over punishment.


Matt Cutts also mentioned gadget bait at the SMX conference. In Google’s eyes, the initial tool bait was the web counter garbage. Webmaster registration of a web counter service, on your own web page. What the webmaster doesn’t know is that counter code is likely to contain hidden links such as using NoScript, JavaScript, or clickable picture links. These links may point to websites where drugs are sold, loans sold, and so on. read more

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Novice webmaster must see how to let Baidu update my station

my station, September 25th server upload, today there are just three days a month, because during the eleven home can not access, so there are six days without maintenance, count more than 20 days, Google on my station in less than a week by Baidu, with about two weeks included, during which Google from now included in the ten days time updated three times, and from Baidu included today is the first time update. I’ve finally seen Baidu update! I’ve updated my website every day these days. In behind the Admin5 and follow the prawns and learn a lot of knowledge, the day used, what Baidu Post Bar, Baidu know, create a blog, Links, write text, QQ group publicity, no less frustrating, really understand a do the hard work and happy. Ah, but the harvest is not very good, toss a circle every day less than one hundred IP, the members did not provoke a few! Not white but toss this month, black eye, weight up, almost one hundred and sixty ah (old sedentary ah)!!! Oh, a joke, really the harvest is the day the prawns promotion theory with a practical, your experience into my own experience! Thanks to the selfless dedication of the predecessors here! read more

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Original content insurance postponed to empty talk, then have to say how to protect the original con

an insurance company launched an original content of insurance, the insurance is divided into two grades, the investment of 30 yuan and 60 yuan premium, if the success of rights can obtain compensation for 10 thousand and 30 thousand yuan of insurance company, and the Insurance Company Limited who donated 5000 copies, however, when a reporter landing site for the company’s platform. "Has been submitted, but no feedback, then 4 days, reporters call the telephone service, told the channel has not yet opened, giving the object is still not clear audit, the current progress of read more

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Group buying, burning money, robbing B…… 2C’s O2O is dead, 2B’s O2O will fire

Abstract: the combination of commercial entities and the new Internet economy O2O had been optimistic about the trend, so where is the problem? The recent media in the summary of the death of the O2O list, the basic cause of death has three points: the homogenization of serious, profit model is not clear, capital chain rupture.

Who did

play with China’s O2O? In those years, entrepreneurs have worked together in the pits:

O2O 1 era: discount, cheap, pit merchant

O2O 2 times: fanquan, capital subsidies, pit read more

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Changes in the nternet from the NetEase look at the nternet for 15 years

The changes in the home page of the

website are not only a facade for an Internet company, but also a reflection of the changes in the Internet for a "long history" website. NetEase is one of them. This paper will review the changes of China’s Internet in the past 15 years from the changes in the first page of NetEase’s home page in the past 15 years.

1998 – NetEase brings you to the Chinese web world

1998 NetEase homepage, the title of the web site is "NetEase takes you to surf the Chinese Internet world"". read more

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A good soft Wen, meaning extraordinary

many personal webmaster in no funds, no more resources available, keep writing soft text, soft hair, filling the post, write comments, in this way to promote your website. There are two purposes: one is to write text, comments by direct users bring up their own web site; two is expected to put its own search engine marketing and comments included, through the search engine to bring traffic to their website. Although this method is difficult, but very effective, is the success of the station’s usual nirvana. read more

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Depth analysis of Baidu C2C platform

Baidu online trading platform from 25 beta this month to now, feeling a lot, finishing a few suggestions:

1, the overall feeling, very much like Taobao shop. Taobao shop is 1 yuan a day to buy, and Baidu do not use. This function estimate will attract some people,

2, shop name can not be modified, can only be XXX (Baidu ID) store. I can’t think of that. Why? For everyone, the name of the shop name is very useful, an identification of

3, the release of goods, the Taobao release of goods "applicable stage, height" in the wrong order has inherited. This point of view, at this stage, Baidu is still based on the Taobao system. read more

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