Get going on entries now for ’07 Fourth of July parade

first_imgSpeaking of people, this is a good time to remind you who puts on the parade. It’s not the city. It’s not the county. It’s not any charity that you’re familiar with, although it runs just like a nonprofit agency. Every penny raised goes to expenses. And everyone who meets around the conference table to plan and dissect it is a volunteer. There are P.R. people, school board members, arts coordinators, handymen, sound engineers, private businesspeople, politicians and homemakers who stand to make nothing from this annual gathering of beauty queens, politicians and other attention-getters. There are even journalists who serve on the committee; one fetches the mail and another creates the lineup. Both of us show up on parade day, coasting through check-in to see that everything’s running smoothly and grabbing a microphone to tell people who’s passing by. Nice work if you can get it. What we do need help with this year is marshaling the parade route. As an announcer who has stood squinting into the shimmering sunlight waaaaay up past Newhall Avenue wondering when the next entry will trundle by, I can attest to how much it would be appreciated if a dozen or so volunteers would step up to help keep the entries moving. The rush of authority might be worth it. Sound like fun? I thought so. Now, download your applications, think of a clever entry, get your forms turned in and raid the party store for decorations. If you’d like to be a volunteer marshal, drop a line to [email protected] or message me here at the Daily News ([email protected]). And if you’re already ready for the parade, post a picture of your group and a quick story about yourselves on See you on the Fourth! To post your own stories and photos, log on to local news?Sign up for the Localist and stay informed Something went wrong. Please try again.subscribeCongratulations! You’re all set! Holy cow, we’re halfway through June and I don’t see wagons circling or at least practicing their choreography. Don’t they know it’s time to get ready for the parade? As we have for decades and decades, despite war and strife and gas shortages and road transfers and toilet paper rationing and people just deciding it was too hot to go outside, there will be a Fourth of July parade. On the Fourth of July. (Yes, someone always asks). We have been called the biggest Fourth of July parade in the country, back when we were also named one of the most patriotic cities and flag-waving was at its most enthusiastic level. We may start out small, but by June 27 (the drop-deadline for submitting entry forms, no kidding), we usually have about 100 entries. It’s a rambunctious, rowdy yet respectful and rip-roaring good time for everyone involved. Even the parade committee says so about a week later. Forms for this year’s parade are available at – download an application, a liability waiver, slip your completed forms and entry fees ($35 for nonprofits, $150 for businesses) into an envelope, mail it (an important step) and you’re good to go. This year’s parade theme is “20 Years of Cityhood.” We’re celebrating the birthday of Santa Clarita, complete with its achievements and quirky habits. I double-dog dare anybody to do a float featuring hairdressers, manicurists and someone impersonating our very own Jerry Springer, City Manager Ken Pulskamp. If you’re too young to remember the infamous hairdresser survey, just call Gail Ortiz. Seriously, there are a lot of things that have happened because we have a city. Regardless of where you stand on the issues, you have to admit there are a lot more people at the table talking loudly since we incorporated. Exchanging ideas is healthy; no one gets their way all the time and for the most part, the result is for the greatest good of the largest amount of people. last_img read more

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