Gorgeous animated video made only with still shots

first_imgIn this gorgeous video, Make Productions’ Joe Fellows took images from the World Wildlife Fund’s archives and managed to Photoshop and animate them in a way that is quite remarkable. Fellows and company used the parallax effect — when closer objects seem to move faster than ones farther away — to make the formerly still images into an incredible video.The process involved using Photoshop to pull parts from each picture — such as an animal’s individual body parts — then putting each extracted portion into its own layer. The layers were placed on top of the original image, which was kept in the background layer. Considering not every single area of the image was extracted, the missing pieces had to be cloned back into the overall image.Then, using After Effects, the individual layers are parented to appropriate layers, and animated either by moving them into the correct position or by using the Puppet Tool. The slow-motion aspect of the video made the production easier, as a faster animation would’ve been more complicated considering the static nature of the photos.Though the photographed subjects aren’t animated to speedily run around the screen or perform complicated actions, the end result is a video that seems to be filmed in high-speed (ie: slow-motion), rather than animated from still images.via PetaPixellast_img read more

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