PSC calls for GNRSC to educate public on traffic matters

first_imgThe Private Sector Commission (PSC) has called on the Guyana National Road Safety Council (GNRSC) to take up the challenge of educating the public more on traffic matters.The call was made by former Chairman of PSC and retired Traffic Chief, Norman McLean, as he addressed the press at the Council’s press conference on Wednesday, at the Guyana Police Force Traffic Department Head Quarters, Eve Leary.It is McLean’s view that Guyana had a very bad year when it came to road fatalities.“Every year we must look to bring down the number of fatalities, we must bring down the number of fatal accidents, we must bring down losses of children and young people and really make this a much safer place on our roadways,” he said.He added that the current situation with congestion and other road problems are proving to be a great challenge to Guyanese, and as such, more in needed to have the public educated on proper road usage.“This is not a Police function, this is a function that we all need to take on and so it is all of our jobs to make the roadway a safer place”.He noted that the traffic department has been doing its part; however, he stated that the issue is reckless road users.He said, “We have tried to put in breathalysers, speed traps, speed bumps and everything conceivable and it is really a human issue. The issue is the people themselves who are using the road to be conscious that lives are at stake, that when you drive and drink and when you drive recklessly that you are putting lives at stake”.McLean asserted that the current issue lies in traffic education which is poor in Guyana. “And I think that it is very serious that we take this seriously in the upcoming year and that we take up the challenge to ensure that education, because that is where the issue lies, in traffic education. We talk about a lot of things but education is the issue because even if you have poor engineering and bad roads, your mental capacity will guide you”.The former Traffic Chief noted that it is a sad situation to see those whose lives have been impacted by road fatalities.“What we are doing on the roadways is impacting people’s life so even if we have bad conditions, if your education and your mental capacity impacts on you, then you will drive to suit the different conditions’.McLean concluded “these are the issues that we have to deal with and I welcome the opportunity for us to do so”.last_img read more

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